Year 2

Year 2 is made up of three classes; Capri, Scorpio and Fiesta.


Welcome to the Year 2 page. Here you will find information on what we will be learning over the year. You’ll also find the our teaching and support staff, along with a feed of recent tweets from Year 2.


Year 2 Staff

  • Amy Rix

    Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs Dean

    Capri Class Teacher
  • Mrs Allchurch

    Capri Class Teacher
  • Mrs Chowdhury

    Fiesta Class Teacher
  • Miss Kaur

    Scorpio Class Teacher
  • Mrs Duplock

    Capri Class Teaching Assistant/NELI LSA
  • Mrs Davis

    Fiesta Class Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Vize

    Scorpio Class Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Siggers

    Mid Day Assistant
  • Ms Jenkin

    Mid Day Assistant
  • Miss K Tilley

    Maths Interventions
  • Mrs R Layfield

    SEN Support
  • Ms Whelan

    Music Teacher

Year 2 Tweets

As part of our science lessons Class Capri have made shoebox habitats.We have had a lot of fun designing and making ocean,rainforest,desert, Arctic and woodland habitats

Class Capri practised making levers in DT.They worked in teams to create animals that are suited to live in the ocean,desert,rainforest and woodland habitat.

Class Scorpio enjoyed their visit from Wild Science! They met Neville the snake, Milo the millipede, Malcolm the leopard gecko, Gertrude the frog, Marvin the giant African land snail and Remy the Hampster. In Literacy Class Scorpio wrote a fabulous recount all about it!

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