Who’s Who

Village Infants has a dedicated team of full and part-time teachers, support and administration staff.

We pride ourselves on the positive comments we receive relating to the warm and helpful welcome that our office staff give to parents and visitors.

If you need information related to any aspects of school life then please ask in the Office. If we are unable to answer your query or solve your problem we will endeavour to direct you to someone who can.

  • All
  • Governors
  • Nursery
  • Reception
  • Safeguarding
  • SEND
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Sunshine Class
  • Support Staff
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Yolanda Cattle

  • Amy Rix

    Deputy Headteacher
  • Su Joy

    School Business Manager, Co-opted Governor
  • Mrs Rosaman

    SENDCo, Staff Governor
  • Ms Goswami

    Nursery Class Teacher
  • Miss Booth

    Sierra Class Teacher
  • Mrs Arselan

    Cortina Class Teacher
  • Mrs Gray

    Cortina Class Teacher
  • Miss Mackintosh

    Granada Class Teacher
  • Ms Hindocha

    Orion Class Teacher
  • Mrs Dean

    Capri Class Teacher
  • Mrs Allchurch

    Capri Class Teacher
  • Mrs Miah

    Escort Class Teacher
  • Mrs Allison

    Mondeo Class Teacher, EYFS Phase Leader
  • Mrs Chowdhury

    Fiesta Class Teacher
  • Miss Kaur

    Scorpio Class Teacher
  • Mrs Henney

    SEN Support
  • Mrs Oros

    Granada Class Teaching Assistant
  • Ms Batty

    Mondeo Class Teaching Assistant/Mid Day Assistant
  • Mrs Davison

    Cortina Class Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Richards

    Orion Class Teaching Assistant/Mid Day Assistant
  • Mrs Duplock

    Capri Class Teaching Assistant/NELI LSA
  • Mrs Allen

    Sierra Class Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Boys

    Escort Class Teaching Assistant, Speech & Language
  • Mrs Davis

    Fiesta Class Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Vize

    Scorpio Class Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Cuthbertson

    Nursery Teaching Assistant
  • Ms Gosturani

    Nursery Teaching Assistant
  • Ms Miller

    Nursery Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Riach

    Mid Day Assistant and Intervention LSA
  • Mrs Smith

    Mid Day Assistant
  • Mrs Siggers

    Mid Day Assistant
  • Mrs Bishop

    Finance Officer
  • Mr Wells

    Caretaker, Mid Day Assistant, SEN Support
  • Ms Jenkin

    Mid Day Assistant
  • Miss L Tilley

    SEN Support, SEN Mid Day
  • Miss K Tilley

    Maths Interventions
  • Miss Parkes

    SEN Support
  • Mrs R Layfield

    SEN Support
  • Mrs Bennett

    SEN Support
  • Mrs Tampu

    SEN Support
  • Mrs Twohig

    SEN Support
  • Ms Mafuta

    SEN Support
  • Ms Dobson

    SEN Support
  • Mrs O’Neill

    SEN Support, SEN Mid Day
  • Mrs Imran

  • Miss N Tilley

    Office Assistant, SEN Mid Day, SEN Support
  • Mrs Meha

    Mid Day Assistant/SEN Support
  • Ms Hana

    Mid Day Assistant, SEN Support
  • Miss Dita

    SEN Mid Day
  • Miss Oli

    SEN Support, SEN Mid Day
  • Mrs Spoor

    Office Assistant and Attendance Officer
  • Mr Smith

    IT Technician and Office assistant
  • Miss Kane

    Kitchen Staff
  • Miss Dyer

    Kitchen Staff
  • Mrs Evans

    School Cleaner
  • Ms Olubeko

    School Cleaner
  • Ms Whelan

    Music Teacher
  • Harriet Spoor

    Chair of Governors
  • Kelly Nicholls

    Vice Chair of Governors/Co-Opted Governor
  • Jo Archer

    Co-opted Gov
  • Bernadette Thompson

    Co-opted Governor
  • Joy Barter

    LA Governor
  • Glen Spoor

    Co-opted Governor
  • Mr Rahman

  • Nichola Bridge

    Co-opted Governor
  • Naureen Akhtar

    Co-opted Gov
  • Andy Carr

    Co-opted Governor
  • Louisa Sparks

    Co-opted Governor
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