School Meals

Every child is entitled to a Free Hot School Dinner. Research in other Local Authorities…


If you prefer to send a packed lunch to school for your child to eat at lunchtime, please choose foods that:

  • They will enjoy eating
  • Are healthy

Whilst we respect that you are the parent and do not like to judge your choices – we will work with parents to make sure that packed lunches are healthy. Please ensure that the packed lunch you provide includes at least one item from each of the following food groups

  • 1. Carbohydrates – bread, rolls, pasta, rice, crackers etc
  • 2. Protein – meat, fish, cheese, yoghurt
  • 3. Fruit
  • 4. Vegetables / Salad eg carrot sticks, cucumber rings, tomatoes etc

A simple example could be:
A cheese sandwich, cut up apple and some carrot sticks


please choose from one of the following:

  • 1.  Crisps – preferably not every day
  • 2.  Cakes
  • 3.  Biscuit based bars

Lunch Boxes

Please name your child’s lunch box – we often have lots of boxes the same which can make it hard to children to know which is theirs.

The Following are NOT allowed

  •  Fizzy drinks
  •  Drinks in glass containers
  •  Sweets or chocolates [chocolate biscuit based bars are ok]
  • Foods containing nuts eg Nutella (sandwich filling and dips)

You may take your child home at lunchtime – please wait at the main door at the end of the morning session and your child will be handed over to you. Please bring your child back to the School Office at 1.15 pm.

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