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Class Escort had a fabulous time on their trip to Eastbrookend Country Park. We had so much fun working together as a team to build a den. The park ranger made a fire so we could toast marshmallows and we even had hot chocolate. 😋

Class Sierra had a fantastic time at Forest School today at Eastbrookend. We worked together in teams to make dens and then checked if they were waterproof. Luckily we all stayed dry! Then Jonathan the ranger showed us how to safely build a fire and toast marshmallows. 🌳

In Design & Technology Year 1 have designed and made their own gingerbread men. We then used our designs to decorate the biscuits. Class Orion had so much fun throughout this project.

Year 1 have had a wonderful start to their week with trips to Eastbrookend Country Park with Ranger Jonathan. Class Orion built shelters, made fire and learned how to work as a team. We can’t wait to see what we get to do in Y2.

Year2 http://Science.Today we have been researching why minibeasts are important for our world. We worked in teams and created posters using the information we found out. Did you know in one day a honeybee can visit up to 2000 flowers!

Today Reception visited our local church. We learned that the church is the place of worship for Christians. We know that the cross is the symbol for Christianity. We explored the parts of the church. (Religious Education)

In class Mondeo this week we have been reading Handa,s surprise. We have been talking about the animals which live in the savanna. Look at our paintings of the savanna.

Year 2 have been learning about minibeasts in Science. This week we have focused on bees and how important they are for pollination. We became bees for the day and collected pollen and nectar to take back to our hives, making sure we pollinated other flowers along the way 🐝💐

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