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Nursery children explored Chinese restaurant in our role play area and enjoyed painting the dragon and decorating lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Class Cortina had a wonderful space day. They came in wearing space costumes. Learnt lots of new information about space in the space dome. Children listened to Gustav Holst and painted planets as a group. They had lots of fun taking part in space activities.

Yesterday was our Space Day. In Class Mondeo we dressed up as things from space, visited the space dome, made rockets and created planets while listening to music. We had a great day.

Year1 had a fantastic afternoon learning about Shrove Tuesday in RE and the tradition of pancake racing. Then we had our own pancake race before tasting some delicious pancakes! 🥞

Y1 are learning how to create pictograms using their own date from their toy survey. They have enjoyed combining their history, maths and computing lessons.

Year1 have throughly enjoyed their D&T unit Designing, making and evaluating their own animal slinky. They are very proud of the progress they have made.

Nursery children have been learning about the emergency services and enjoyed dressing up as their favourite professional from the topic ‘People who help us’.

Class Mondeo have been composing the numbers 6,7 and 8 in Maths. We have been using the sentence stem:
….. is a part and … is a part. The whole is…..

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