Reception Admissions

Children are admitted to Reception in the academic year that they will be five years…

The school applies the local Education Authority’s Admission Policy. The Local Education Authority has set procedures for allocating Reception places. Admission to Reception classes is entirely their responsibility. The Starting School Full Time Booklet is published by the borough and updated every year.

A copy of this can be obtained from the link below.

Should there be more applicants than places available, then the Local Authority will apply the following criteria:-

  1. Children who are in care of the Local Authority.
  2. Children who have a brother or sister at Village Infants or in William Ford at the date that child is due to start school.
  3. Children who live closest to Village Infants, measured in kilometres in a straight line (as the crow flies).
  4. Parents wishing to appeal against decision should contact Appeals Department at the Town Hall.

Further information on the admissions process can be found on the link below:

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