School Dogs, Sunny & Jasper

Introducing our school dogs and explaining the wide array of benefits they bring to the…

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How Dogs Enrich Our Curriculum

Introducing dogs into a school environment can have several positive effects on pupils learning and social emotional development. Here are some ways in which dogs can enrich the learning experience:

Stress Reduction: Interacting with dogs has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Reduced stress can positively impact cognitive functioning and focus.

Emotional Support: Dogs are known for their ability to provide emotional support. They can be particularly beneficial for pupils who may be experiencing difficulties in regulating their emotions or are feeling anxious or sad.

Increased Engagement: Incorporating dogs into lessons or activities can increase pupil engagement. For example, reading to dogs have been successful in improving reading skills, as pupils often feel more confident and less self-conscious when reading to a non-judgmental animal. Pupils also enjoy writing to Sunny and Jasper and receiving letters back from them.

Building Relationships: Dogs can serve as a focal point for building positive relationships among pupils and between pupils and teachers.

Teaching Responsibility: Helping to take care of a dog, and understanding their needs, can teach pupils about responsibility.

Therapeutic Benefits: Dogs are widely recognized for their therapeutic benefits. Their presence can be particularly helpful for students with special needs, providing a calming and non-judgmental presence. They can also offer a meaningful distraction for pupils experiencing emotional or behavioural challenges.

Positive Atmosphere: Dogs can contribute to creating a positive and inclusive school atmosphere. They don’t judge or discriminate, and their presence can help break down social barriers, fostering a sense of community.

Can you spot Sunny in the Spring bluebells

Can you spot Sunny in the Autumn leaves?

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