Broad and Rich Curriculum

Enrichment provides children with opportunities to try new things and explore and develop interests outside of the classroom. This can take place at home and at school.

Education is more than just mastering English and Maths – it’s also about activities that extend children’s learning through new experiences and opportunities. Enrichment activities are an important part of your child’s education, giving them new experiences, extending their learning, and enabling them to develop character, resilience and motivation.

It helps to teach life skills that benefit children beyond the classroom, and can develop an appreciation for cultural and community issues, teamwork and social responsibility. So whenever the opportunity arises please enrich your child’s life with visits to museums, galleries, clubs at weekends and during the holidays.

Our Allotment

An appreciation of nature and being outside are good for the well-being of both adults and children. We therefore embrace all opportunities for our pupils to experience ‘wow’ moments through nature. It may be enjoying the seasons or simply talking about a beautiful sky. We are also thrilled to offer all our pupils lots of fun growing their own food.

Nursery and Reception have their own gardens and pupils are actively involved in seed to plate activities. In KS1, we have our own allotment which is a short walk from the school. Each class organises what they grow and we certainly keep our school cook busy serving what we grow for our school dinners. So far, we’ve had bumper crops of strawberries, potatoes, salad, carrots, sweetcorn and beetroot.

Apart from the sheer the fun we have at the allotment, there are many benefits. Pupil learning is enriched as pupils are given opportunities to connect what they learn in class to real life situations. Language rich experiences, following instructions, writing reports, measuring plants and weighing crops, the list is endless!

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